48 Hrs In Perth

Perth, with its stunning coastal views, vibrant culture, and charming character, is a city that seamlessly blends modernity and nature. Join Tess, our Social Media & Marketing Coordinator, showcasing the versatility of La Maise's pieces for 48 hrs in Perth.

Poolside Paradise:

You can’t start the day without some leisure by the pool. For this, Tess has chosen the Arielle Shirt Midi Dress in Ivory. The loose, breathable fabric is ideal for soaking up the sun, and the minimalist style complements the resort's luxurious ambience.

“I got so many compliments each time I wore this dress, It’s so versatile and chic. I felt so comfortable... the fabric is breathable whilst still having a great amount of coverage."

A Wedding Affair:

Tess wears the Marie Maxi Dress, paired with a pastel green mini bag & matching heels. The sea-themed print complements the coastal location, making it a perfect choice for a Perth wedding.

“I love to pair bright heels & a colour co-ordinated bag with an already colourful outfit, it’s a simple way to pull everything together.”

Island Escape to Rottnest:

It's time for a change of pace! Tess wears the Arielle Shirt in Ivory to the iconic Rottnest Island for a day of adventure, relaxation, and exploring the natural beauty of Western Australia.

“This top is so beach to bar... it can double as a chic cover-up for my bathing suit. It’s simple, timeless design is perfect for so many occasions... I reached for it multiple times on this holiday!”

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